Dauphin Island Race Map

DI-Race-MapHello Racers and enthusiasts!

My name is Melissa Smith. I live in Fairhope, Alabama smack dab on Flying Creek (“Flying” is what the earlier inhabitors called it because there were actually rapids on Fly Creek way back when) I am originally from South West Florida and have lived on and around our Gulf most of my life.

I created a new generation map of Mobile Bay and surrounding areas this past year. It is available on my website and through a couple of local galleries listed on Mobilebaymap.com.

When a Mobile Yacht Club member asked me to create a possible prize for the 2013 Race with my existing map I started to ponder. I thought to myself why not just take some elements out and add others in? The ONLY reason I know this can be done is because this is 2013 and computer graphics have changed every thing! OH so much for the better for an artist like me. I can spend hours on a pen and ink of a yacht club for instance and then place it back in to my map where ever I want it at what ever size! At least Kathleen can. She is with Optera and a computer graphics genius! So that is what I did.

I toured each yacht club with my captain and navigator, Tom, and took copious photographs. After a solid week on the pen and inks of the 4 clubs, I begun compiling other bits of information that would pertain to the project. I have created a low edition of 50. If I find there is more interest I can print more but it will be at a different size. 16″ x 20″. Please give me feed back so that I can gauge this decision. I would really appreciate that! Thank you in advance.

Thank you to Corrina and Kathleen with Optera, Mobile Yacht Club for the opportunity and Dan Therrell my amazing Website guy and friend.

Let the wild rumpus begin!