Historical Mobile Bay Maps

Title: [Untited Map of part of Texas & Gulf Coast to Mobile Bay]

Map Maker: Antoine-Simon Le Page du Pratz
Place / Date: Paris / 1757
Coloring: Uncolored
Size: 8 x 6 inches


Scarce map of the region from the Trinity River to Mobile Bay, based upon Page du Pratz’s Histoire de la Louisiane . . . , including the travels of an Indian named Moncacht-ape.

The map depicts the region in excellent detail, including early forts, settlement and Indian Villages.

Page Du Pratz work affords a great deal of useful information on the Natchez and other Mississippi tribes, which was heavily utilized in later works.

References: Wheat 139. Raines p73. Streeter 127.

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Mobile Bay Map – 1950 by Marian Francis Acker MacPherson


Mobile Bay Map – 2012 by Melissa Smith – Fairhope, AL