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I had the opportunity to paint two crab forms for public installation in Fairhope, AL during  “Jumpin Jubilee”,  COPA Public Art Event in 2011.  COPA is the Committee for Public Art of the Eastern Shore Art Association, in Fairhope, AL.


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“Steamer Crab”. featured some of the steam ship history on Mobile Bay 1894-1934. Thanks to Tomʼs mother Dot Yeager, a life-long Fairhope resident and our the Fairhope History Museum I learned quite a bit about that period on the bay.


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In the early years, the new Fairhope Single Tax Colony was connected to the long-established city of Mobile by bay boats. These large sailboats and steamers transported people and cargo back and forth Mobile Bay on a regular schedule and docked at several locations on the eastern shore.

Old Mobile Bay Boat Landings

Fairhope Landing – Fairhope Wharf
Daphne Landing – Belrose
Battle’s Wharf – Point Clear
Zundel’s Wharf – Point Clear
Stedman’s Landing – Montose
Sea Cliff Landing – Fairhope/Montrose
Fish River – Marlow Landing

Old Mobile Bay Boats

Fairhope II
Pleasure Bay
General Lee
Bay Queen
Nettie Quill



In late 1900 or early 1901, young ladies and gents stroll on the first wharf that served Fairhope. It had tracks for a railcar that hauled both freight and passengers all the way “uptown”.  On the shore is the bay boat “Fairhope”, under construction. The boat was completed and in use by July, 1901.

“Fairhope” was the first of the bay boats built for the new single-tax colony on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. Visit the Fairhope History Museum to see the Mobile Bay Boat Exhibit and learn all about the history of bay boats, including the “Fairhope”!


Bay Boat Fairhope docked at he Fairhope Wharf – July, 1901.

Fox 10 News Report on the Bay Boat Exhibit:

Watch FOX10 News Report about the Bay Boat Exhibit at the Fairhope Museum
Watch FOX10 News Report about the Bay Boat Exhibit at the Fairhope Museum