Wedding Maps

ART :TA-wedding-8x10-with-border

 Custom Created map for a Native Fairhope girl! The couple wanted to focus on the bay. Tyler Turberville grew up throwing a cast net and the mighty Mullet is near and dear to her heart. The couple wanted to map out a scenic drive for their out of town guests to enjoy. I indicated this in the bright yellow.


art : wedding

 Fairhope Wedding Map created for Kellie Leigh Oberkirch and William Blair Johnson Jr.

William proposed at the turtle pond!


Hope Town Wedding

Wedding Map for Hope Town Wedding



New Orleans Wedding Map for Mary and Jamie




Mobile, AL Wedding Map for Phillip and Amelia Roberts



Fairhope, AL Wedding Map for Anne Arden Ball and Edward Bamford Norfleet


Melissa Smith, Venice, Florida Artist, will create an amazing one-of-a-kind map as a special keepsake for your wedding, or any special occasion. Custom wedding maps also provide your out-of-town guests with lots of  local information! Sizes Vary. The couple receives the original to frame and or make copies of for family and guests. A digital format file can be included as well. The Couple provides Melissa with a list of items to illustrate NUMBERED by importance. For instance, Number one maybe the Church, while the College Alma Mater may be number 6. But if the couple met at that college/ university and it is very important to them, it may be number 3. That gives Melissa an idea of sizes to when illustrating. She learned this because she illustrates things to fit spaces and is not always aware of the sentiment attached unless she gets background info. That is the fun part! She once illustrated a Team Mascot, Bumble Bee rather large because it fit a space and she thought it was an interesting element to add. Later she learned that that Mascot and school was only a brief part of the brides history! So you must think this out in advance. There is always a list as well of little things a couple would like if possible but are OK if they cant fit. Melissa tries to fit it all but sometimes less is better. many of the couples have framed the original and displayed the art at the reception near the sign in book. Each wedding map as you see here can take up to 4 or 5 days and run about 400. Melissa is flexible depending on how elaborate you get. Her expertise areas are Fairhope, Al, Highlands, NC, Boca Grande,FL, Hope Town, Bahamas and of course Venice/Sarasota area where she is from.  Please contact Melissa Smith – Artist to discuss your ideas.